Birthday & Blessings

Yesterday was my birthday.

I’m the big and bold 34.

No, I’m not “21, again *wink*”. No, I’m not 29 for the last 5 years…I’m actually proud of being 34 and I am dedicated to appreciating every age no matter what society says about aging.

My friends and I planned a dinner party at a cute restaurant and 12 beautiful women showed up. In just a year and a half I have been so blessed with so many deep and meaningful friendships. Women that have firm faith in the Lord and passion and direction in their lives.

I feel like I was somewhat forced into moving to Vancouver Island from Northern British Columbia. I was happy where I was, loving my job and feeling satisfied with being back in my small home town. But I needed to remove myself from a situation and felt like moving away was my only option.

It’s funny how our struggles can become blessings.

We sat down for dinner with candle light, laughter and gifts. These ladies blessed me with words of encouragement and compliments, feeding my Love Language of verbal affirmation and making me feel so appreciated. I walked away from the table feeling refreshed and so overwhelmed with love. God knows our what my soul needs and fills my life with it. Not only am I so blessed to know that these ladies are all around me, loving me and leading me deeper in friendship and Faith, but I know that God is looking down on me, filling my being with everything that makes it tick.

Happy Birthday to me ❤