I’m a natural hermit. I love my quiet alone time, going for a hike with my dog, having a coffee in the early morning, reading in my bedroom…I could sit for hours by myself, in quiet, for days on end and it wouldn’t bother me.

It took me years to realize that I was an introvert running from my quiet-time. I would wonder why I was feeling exhausted, but the next thing you’d know, I’d be planning more events.

It wasn’t until God literally took my feet from under me that I had a chance to stop and consider what truly fed my personality and soul.

After having a knee injury I was forced into sitting on the couch and taking time off of work. Three months was a long time for me to do nothing, and it was only because of God that I was able to get through.

Instead of dealing with my issues by working more or going for a run to process, I was forced into relying on God to give me peace and to carry me through emotional turmoil.

Do you ever find that your most meaningful lessons are ones you’re forced into?

I have slowly learned to make boundaries around my quiet time. In order to still my mind in this busy world, I need to prioritize time to read, hike, be still and listen to nature. Often, enforcing these boundaries has been me with opposition. Many people don’t understand the need to be alone. But if I’m meant to be a healthy me, it’s a must.

What boundaries have you learned to create for yourself?




2 thoughts on “Busyness

  1. Enjoyed your post. You are right, many people don’t understand other’s need for alone time. Some people need alot of it. But one question remains. For those that do need alot of alone time, what do those people do, for a job? Really. I mean, they can’t all be quiet librarians, so what do they do?

    Boundaries. That’s a fun topic. And a serious one. I think I may have a little diffe3rent view of them than some people. Many people talk about Boundaries as if its all about saying no things that other people try to get you to do, and you are putting a “boundary” on that. Ok, fine. But another way to look at Boundaries is what you wont allow others to do when they are with you. For example:
    Call, before they come over.
    No smoking in your house or apartment.
    Dont call after (pick a time)______
    When someone is with you, they will NOT talk about Topics A, B, and C (your choices).
    Things like that. You could add to the list.

    One thing I don’t see discussed online is: OK, you need your alone time. But, how much is enough? 3 hrs a day? Suppose someone else needed 7 hrs of alone time each day? At what point is their need, an unhealthy need. What if they were unemployed and said they needed 11hrs. per day of alone time? When do “needs” become “too much”?

    #Boundaries #Psychology #Introversion #Manipulation #Avoidance


    1. Well, I think that’s a complicated answer! Yes, there is an extreme side of alone time, and what is needed is dependant on each person. I do believe that too much can be a sign of depression or other issues. But as long as good friends are there to help, support and encourage the individual into healthy avenues, it’s not up to strangers to define as a general rule.


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